OWENDO is a non profit community based organization focused on the most vulnerable categories of people in the country of Uganda.

OWENDO is an acronym meaning:

O = Orphans
W = Widows
E = Elderly
N = Needy
D = Development
O = Organization

Owendo came into being in 2005 through the insight and direction of Robert Talugende  but not before he spent a great deal of time in prayer and fasting. 
Taking on a mission such as this is not only a very daunting task, it is a life work that will take complete commitment. Robert saw firsthand the vast need of his countrymen, and knew that it would take great efforts to overcome the needs of such a large and varied group in his native Uganda. 

After working with a number of organizations in rural districts of the country, Robert saw many ways in which well placed programs could benefit the people, especially through education.

While expanding on some of the lessons he learned, Robert also took on new ideas and innovations as others joined in the cause, and began to fill in the blanks on a comprehensive and versatile set of programs designed to help people succeed.

Success is first measured by the prosperity of the soul. The Word says, I would that ye prosper even as your soul prospers. That's where Owendo went to work - get the people saved and go from there!

Through Church services, class room settings and door to door evangelism, Owendo gathered together a core group of individuals that were prepared to work. Sharing  many of the same goals in an atmosphere of learning and individual effort, breeds success in the end.

Having a team of God fearing men and women with excellent skills in community outreach is our greatest strength” says founder and Director, Robert Talugende. “ We work to empower communities and families to manage their basic social/health development needs through building capacity, advocacy, facilitating acquisition of materials and much needed financial support as well as the development of successful and workable systems.

Thousands of hours of preparation and prayer have gone into the setting into place of individuals with 'God first' initiatives and highly motivated lifestyles. Every effort has been made to be ready for what is and will be called upon to meet the ongoing needs of the people of Uganda.

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